05/17/15- Paula's Healthy Living Eating/Exercise Journal: Thursday

by Paula (Clean Eating Expert) 18. May 2015 06:03

If you pain in your knees appearing to be from exercise, the pain may be originating from your hips!

When your ball/socket joints are out of line or weak, it can radiate pain to other areas such as ankles, hips, and your back. This issue should always be checked by a doctor if the pain is severe, but if the pain is not as intense, you can have your alignment checked by a chiropractor, a Thai or standard massage therapist or a physical therapist. They can recommend exercises and therapies that can work on strengthening the muscles that hold those joints tightly in place.

One exercise that you can do at home is called hip abduction and adduction. You can find these machines at most gyms, or improvise at home with common children's play balls, or bands.

Loop a band around a heavy stationary object (I used a tree once while on vacation). Keep the core tight and engaged, and balance on your left foot. Straighten your right leg, bringing the leg out as far as you can with straining your groin muscle, or contorting your lengthened torso. Hold for 1-2 seconds at the top, and then slowly return to start. The motion up and back down is equally strengthening.  By this, I mean, to be mindful to engage the muscles going up and down and don't just let your leg "fall" down. Repeat 12 times for both legs. Form is very important to keep from pulling a muscle. Keeping the core tight protects your back, and works those muscles to keep them lengthened and strong.

05/17/12 Workout Journal:  Thursday

Strength train-shoulders/abs

seated shoulder press- 12 lb.

standing shoulder raise- 1 tube

ab crunches on stability ball (4 breath count up and back)

Arnolds- 12 lb.

plank (hold for 90 seconds)

single arm lateral shoulder raises in Y position and W position- 5 lb.

Thursday 05/17/12- Food Diary:


1 cup organic egg whites, 1 cup organic spinach, 3 asparagus ( 140 cal)

2 pieces low- cal, whole wheat toast, I Can't Believe It's Not Butter( 80 cal)

A.M. Snack-

apple ( 57 cal)

15 almonds, no-salt, roasted (130 cal)


3oz. mahi mahi (120 cal)

Salad- 8 oz assorted greens: organic spinach, broccoli slaw, mushrooms, 3 asparagus, orange sweet pepper (88 cal)

P.M. Snack-

1/2 cup non fat cottage cheese (80 cal)

whey protein shake (150 cal)

Dinner- restaurant- approx. calorie counts

3 1/2 oz filet mignon- no sauce, no butter (394 cal) *FYI- If you are in a restaurant and you want no sauce, or condiment on it tell the server you want it DRY. PLAIN is the word you use to mean no condiment or pickle, tomato...

1/2 sweet potato-dry (121 cal)

asparagus(60 cal)

spinach salad, onion, light amount of Gorgonzola, balsamic vinaigrette ( 70 cal)

1 piece whole wheat baguette ( 120 cal)


8 oz 0 % Greek yogurt, Waldon Farm no-calorie/no-sugar strawberry syrup (130 cal)


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